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    Video Measurement System(VMS)

    Video Measurement System(VMS)

    We provide offline programming support for any type of component using the software showed below

    • Flat parts : Stampings, gaskets, circuit boards, patterns, films, foils, gauges and glass masks. These parts are made typically from thin materials. They deform easily, have delicate surfaces and the smallest features or finest surface structures. The optimum measurement strategy: quick, non-contact measurement using very high precision.
    • 2D and 3D precision parts : Precision components, Precision nozzles, watch and clock components, gears, keys, tools, dies, pistons, valves and implants. These parts are normally very small and call for very tight tolerances.
    • Rotationally symmetrical parts : Drilling tools, injection nozzles, bushes, gears and other parts with features distributed around the work piece.
    • We do Video Measurement / Profile Projector Inspections of all type of components
    • We can measure 300mm x 200mm with Z axis
    • Accuracy of the machine Exy=3.0 + L/150μm, Ez=4.5 + L/150μm

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